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You might see me cosplaying from time to time. Don't be afraid to say hello. I swear I am super friendly.


Happy 18th, John Egbert.

Happy 5th, us.

Just me spouting nonsense about 413 :)

Have a great day!



never has a gif set described my entire life so perfectly

Anonymous said: which con are you going to attend next?

The next convention I will be at will be Colossal Con in early June, and Dashcon in July after that! I will be selling at both so I would love to see you there! c: Let me know dear anon if you are going!



Anonymous said: Did you hear about the new dog park?


The dog park is not for dogs.

The dog park does not exist.

Anonymous said: Will there be food?? if yes how many and which



We have decided that it will be best to feed everyone according to their fandom.

Sherlockians get mysteries and deductions, because that is all they need to survive, that and tea.

Homestucks get faygo and slime pies.

Supernaturals get regular pie and demons. So many demons. So many.

Fannibals…..well- they know what they get….they know…


Important. Important to fandoms.